Lawyer Referral Service


Since its 1985 inception, the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) at Legal Aid Society of Orange County has been effectively matching clients who are in need of legal services with lawyers who are interested in and competent to handle their legal problems. This is particularly critical service for people who do not meet LASOC eligibility guidelines or who have legal cases that fall outside of LASOC’s service priorities. LRS is California State Bar-certified and includes 32 referral panels covering more than 100 substantive legal areas. The panel’s attorneys are screened for qualifications, carry malpractice insurance and are in good standing with the State Bar of California. Attorneys on the LRS panel provide a free initial consultation (up to 30 minutes) by phone or appointment to evaluate the individuals specific legal needs.

Callers from the City of Irvine seeking eviction defense or bankruptcy assistance may qualify for a reduced fee.  Inquire with LRS to qualify.

LRS may be reached by calling 714-571-5204 or 888-LRS-4ALL.  You can also process your own lawyer referral online at