Justice In Education Workshop


Once an applicant’s legal matter has been assessed in our intake process, the advising attorney may recommend a workshop appointment.  Workshops are a group setting where litigants are given legal information about a certain topic.

Justice In Education (JIE) is a community partner which hosts a monthly workshop for parents of children facing barriers to education.  Each month, a presentation is given on an education topic, and attendees will have the opportunity to meet with a JIE representative for possible representation.  This workshop is held monthly at the Legal Aid Society of Orange County’s Santa Ana office and is for parents of children with “special needs” that have been identified and scheduled through LASOC’s Hotline. The workshops provide information to parents regarding their rights and responsibilities under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The workshops also provide information to parents on when an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is appropriate and how to initiate the IEP process. The IEP process is designed to assist parents of children with disabilities and other problems within the education system.

JIE can be reached by calling (714) 542-1707.