Evaluation, Advice and Counsel


Call our intake Hotline at 800-834-5001 for free legal advice over the phone.

Qualified applicants seeking legal services may receive free evaluation, advice and counsel of their legal matters by California-licensed attorney.  During the intake process, each qualified applicant’s case is assessed for legal issues by a staff member or trained volunteer, acting under close supervision of the attorney.  The intake personnel will ask the applicant guided questions to assist the attorney in evaluating each matter thoroughly.  In this way, the intake staff serves as a liaison between the applicant and attorney.

Most intake is conducted through our Hotline.  You can reach the Hotline at 714-571-5200 or 800-834-5001.

Senior citizens in Orange County may opt to make an appointment at some local Senior Center locations.  For information on how to make an appointment with a Senior Center, click here.