Public Benefits

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CalFresh is California’s Food Stamps Program

Are you facing issues accessing public benefits?  Whether it’s SSI or Unemployment Insurance Benefits issues, administrative law issues can be stressful.  At LASOC/CLS, our Hotline is equipped to answer many tough housing and public benefits questions.  If you seek legal advice regarding any of the following issues and qualify for services, you may be able to get free legal advice on our Hotline:  Social Security, welfare, SSI orSSDI, CalWORKS, Veteran’s Benefits, General Relief or General Assistance, Disability, food stamps, SNAP, and more.

LASOC/CLS also offers the following services* and resources in the area of administrativelaw:

*Placement in clinics, appointments, or other services lies at the discretion of LASOC/CLS staff.  Services are offered based on a variety of factors, including need, availability, and evaluation of each legal matter’s independent facts.