Health Law


At LASOC/CLS, the Health Consumer Action Center (HCAC) assists health consumers, including low-income, underrepresented consumers, in accessing the health care system in Orange County. As the only program of its kind in Orange County, HCAC provides legal advocacy and expertise to help health care consumers obtain the coverage and benefits they need. Without assistance from health care advocates, many consumers continue to be denied essential health care and face barriers to healthcare services, even when such care is guaranteed under the law.  HCAC is a member of the statewide Health Consumer Alliance (HCA).   To learn more about Health Consumer Alliance,

HCAC engages in advocacy to increase health consumers’ access to health care and to navigate the health care system:  facilitate consumers’ understanding of rights and responsibilities under private insurance, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), MediCare, Medi-Cal/CalOPTIMA, Medical Safety Net Program (MSN), CCI/CalMediConnect, Covered California, and managed care; assist with medical bill and health care access issues; represent consumers in health plan grievance processes and at administrative hearings; provide educational materials and outreach presentation to community-based agencies and health consumers; and refer cases to other appropriate agencies.

HCAC is also the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI)/Cal MediConnect Ombudsman in Orange County.  Ombudsman toll-free number 855-801-3077HCAC assists with resolving issues with the Cal MediConnect managed care plan (OneCare Connect) including:

  • Individual advocacy services such as conducting impartial, systematic analysis and investigation of enrollee complaints;
  • Issues of disenrollment; assistance with filing appeals and complaints
  • Empower enrollees with appropriate information and resources

*Placement in clinics, appointments, or other services lies at the discretion of LASOC/CLS staff.  Services are offered based on a variety of factors, including need, availability, and evaluation of each legal matter’s independent facts.