Family and Children’s Law


Are you facing family law or children’s issues?  Family law is a critical area of service to low income families. Many clients are victims of domestic violence by a current or former spouse and don’t know where to turn for help. Some are abandoned by their spouse or partner without financial resources with which to support themselves and their children, and still others are left without the ability to have contact with their own children. LASOC and CLS family law services include assistance with protection orders, dissolution of marriage, paternity matters, child custody and visitation disputes, and financial support to promote stability for the family.Whether it’s establishing paternity orders or an Individualized Education Plan for your child, family and children’s legal issues can be stressful.  At LASOC/CLS, our Hotline is equipped to answer many tough family and children’s questions.  If you seek legal advice regarding any of the following issues and qualify for services, you may be able to get free legal advice on our Hotline:  adoption, foster care, custody, divorce, education access, guardianship, Limited Conservatorship of a disabled adult, paternity, child or spousal support, and more.

LASOC/CLS also offers the following services* and resources in the area of family and children’s law:

*Placement in clinics, appointments, or other services lies at the discretion of LASOC/CLS staff.  Services are offered based on a variety of factors, including need, availability, and evaluation of each legal matter’s independent facts.