Cy Pres Awards

In class action litigation, under the cy pres doctrine, unallocated, unclaimed or undeliverable funds are directed to the next best use. California Code of Civil Procedure § 384(b) authorizes the trial court to direct residual funds to nonprofit organizations providing civil legal services to the indigent, or nonprofit organizations to support projects that will benefit the class or similarly situated persons.

LASOC is an appropriate recipient of cy pre funds because these awards allow LASOC to continue fighting for justice for low-income tenants, working poor families, the elderly, people who are homeless or disabled, and veterans.

With roughly 1 million people in our service are who are income-eligible for assistance, there is a huge unmet need for our services.

Why is LASOC an ideal choice for cy pres awards?

Our Mission: We work to resolve legal problems by eliminating barriers to justice, a mission that has a close nexus to the cases that result in cy pres residuals being available. As a legal nonprofit organization, focused on legal strategies to ensure access to justice, we are an ideal choice to receive cy pres.

Our Client Community: We leverage funds to serve thousands of individuals and families. Every $1 of cy pres to LASOC ensures vital provision of services to thousands of clients in the following substantive areas:

  • Housing (predatory lending, home ownership, housing discrimination, access to public and subsidized housing, substandard housing conditions, homelessness, landlord/tenant relationships, access to affordable housing, etc.);
  • Access to the justice system for those who need its protection;
  • Consumer health and safety;
  • Consumer protection against unfair, deceptive, discriminatory or predatory practices involving trade schools and student loans;
  • Civil rights and poverty law cases;
  • Legal problems related to mental illness or physical disabilities, including access to pharmaceuticals and other medical care;
  • Legal problems of veterans;
  • Legal problems of financially distressed families; and
  • Legal problems of victims of violence;
  • Legal problems of victims of abuse;
  • Legal problems of the elderly.

Our Geographic Reach: We provide our free civil legal services throughout Orange County and Southeast Los Angeles.

For more information, or to arrange a cy pres award, contact Iris Ma, Director of Fund Development, at