Clinic and Self-Help Services

684049_69058945LASOC and CLS provide information and self-help services which enable low income litigants to access the legal system. In order to cost-effectively meet the legal needs of qualified clients who have less complex legal problems, LASOC and CLS created several attorney-led clinics and workshops in many areas of law, including domestic violence, worker’s rights, civil harassment, family law, bankruptcy, landlord-tenant law, SSI, and more. An attorney evaluates the clinic participants legal issues, and then the clients are assisted with preparing legal documents and given detailed information regarding the legal process related to their legal problems.

For modest-means individuals who are not eligible for legal services and are unable to afford an attorney, LASOC and CLS offer self-help services to enable individuals to effectively represent themselves as they navigate the legal system.    LASOC and CLS also staff the self-help center at the Compton Courthouse.

To locate a Self-Help Center near you, visit the California Courts website.